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Outdoor Soccer

Outdoor soccer you say? Yes, five-a-side outdoor soccer is played at Loftus four nights a week and Sunday afternoons, featuring a five-a-side outdoor pitch with an astroturf surface. Perfect for a run with the lads on a balmy summer evening, get a few together and enter a team into our competition.

Outdoor Soccer at Loftus Recreation Centre

Outdoor Soccer

Senior Sports (Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer)


Preseason Grading                                          2-13 September 2018

Season Commences                                       16-20 September 2018

Semi Finals and Preseason                              3-7 March 2019

Grand Finals and Preseason                            10-14 March 2019


Outdoor Soccer is a unique novelty feature at Loftus Recreation Centre (court pictured above). If you want a fun social soccer game in the Perth Metropolitan area, Rebound Soccer is for you, played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. Otherwise for all of the soccer purists out there, International Rules (Futsal) soccer is played at Loftus on Wednesday evenings.

To submit a team nomination request, simply download a TEAM NOMINATION FORM from the link provided below, complete this form and e-mail to Existing teams receive priority preference for any new season. However once nominations close, all vacancies are offered to teams based on the nomination receipt date. If the competition is full, your nomination will be placed on standby in the event that vacancies arise.

Alternatively, if you are a player looking for a team, register your INDIVIDUAL INTEREST below and complete the form as directed. 


Season Duration: 6 months (approx. 25 weeks)
Game Duration: 30 minute timeslots (2 x 15 minute halves)
Outdoor Soccer Game Times: 6.00, 6.30, 7.05, 7.35, 8.10, 8.40, 9.15, 9.45, 10.15 (Sunday 3.00, 3.35, 4.10, 4.45)
Weekly Game Fee: $66.00
Team Nomination Fee: $75.00
Uniform Requirements: numbered matching shirts (sport shorts also preferable)

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