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Published by Loftus Recreation Centre : 23-10-2018

Belgravia Foundation

Belgravia Foundation

At Loftus Recreation Centre, we strongly believe in our passion for connecting our community to leisure. This year, we've been driven by the pursuit of ensuring every person who walks through the door is provided the best possible opportunity to engage in the programs and activities we have to offer.

About a year ago, the Belgravia Foundation was launched. The Foundation works on the simple but vitally important principle that everyone has the right to access a healthy and active lifestyle.
Working through Belgravia Leisure's 120+ facilities across Australia and New Zealand, various initiatives have been launched to support disadvantaged groups in accessing programs such as Swimming and Water Safety, Sports, Health Clubs, Music, Dance and so much more.
In order to facilitate this, every one of Belgravia Leisure's 4500+ staff have undergone training to provide us with the skills and knowledge to assist and support our diverse range of clientele.

To find out more, or to support the Foundation, visit https://www.belgraviafoundation.org.au/

News Summary

The Belgravia Foundation exists to support disadvantaged groups in accessing leisure services. Read on to find out more.

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