The Benefits of Learning to Ride a Bike

15 May 2023
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Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for millions of children across Australia. From individual empowerment to social connections and the opportunity for adventures - these benefits are only the beginning of the lifelong investment that riding a bike brings.  

Riding Skills 

Developed by AusCycling, the new and exciting AusBike program focusses on teaching children to ride safely and includes development of skills such as: 

  • Precision bike control 
  • Signalling 
  • Scanning for traffic or hazards 
  • Hazard perception 
  • Entering a roadway 
  • Situational awareness 

Designed by expert coaches, the AusBike program develops fundamental skills through interactive, fun and progressive levels; whilst expanding cognitive skills to navigate road hazards and conditions.  

The AusBike program encompasses the following CORE4Skills: 

  • Modulation where a rider can understand the required amount of functional body engagement to complete a skill 
  • Dynamic Weight Transfer to position the body appropriately to manoeuvre the bicycle 
  • Static Balance to maintain synergist control of the bicycle with minimal movement. 
  • Situational Appropriateness where the rider makes appropriate choices, actions and reactions to the situation. 

Physical and social benefits 

As a full body sensory activity that includes visual stimulation, bike riding safely enables children to learn effective communication skills including the ability to listen to directions, ask for help and more importantly celebrate success!  

A key element of building confidence is participating in group riding activities. Progressing through their educational years from Foundation to Year 12, bike riding forms part of activities across school camps, extracurricular activities and excursions. Nurturing a young person’s love of riding can be further supported from adolescence to adulthood where they may encounter opportunities to enjoy bike touring activities with friends and family. 

As parents, carers and program leaders our aim is to ensure all children feel safe whilst riding. With effective learning strategies, children will learn to reduce risk and minimise injury through core skills and behaviours. With significant opportunity to engage with and educate the community in safe and bike riding practices, the AusBike program is a key learning tool for all riders. 

Bike riding is not only an activity to promote physical health but also creates a connectedness with family and friends. Riding is a great way to interact with one another whilst exploring the local community. Through the connectedness of riding as a social group our perception of our local community is enhanced through adventures and exploration. Let’s start the great adventure riding brings by joining our AusBike program at our centre.

Plus, riding a bike is a fun and environmentally friendly activity beneficial to the future health and wellbeing for all. 

To find out more about our AusBike program in a fun, adventurous atmosphere that is encouraging for all abilities, click below.

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