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A supervised seniors fitness class to improved health, quality of life and fitness of people aged over 50 years. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 10.30am - 11.30am.

Senior Exercise Program

Senior Exercise Program Features

Senior Exercise Program

How Do I Get Started?: To begin the Loftus Senior Exercise Program a medical clearance must be provided from your doctor/GP. Once this has been obtained, feel free to make an assessment time with one of our qualified staff.

Important Dates and Times: Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am.

What do I need to bring?: For every class you need to bring a workout towel and a water bottle. You must also wear closed-in sneakers/shoes and comfortable stretchy/loose clothing.  

Signing In and Prices: Prior to participation in the seniors program, you must take part in a pre-exercise program and appraisal session so that our trainers can understand your needs and help you with developing a program to suit them. There is a fee involved with the initial assessment, and then a small casual rate for each subsequent class you participate in. For each class, you will need to sign in at the gym reception to participate. If you are coming in twice a week, we do recommend you take up a membership with Loftus, as you can save yourself money while also coming in any day you like. Just ask us how, next time you're in.

Changerooms/Showers/Lockers: We have two sets of change rooms containing showers on the lower level of the centre. One alongside the gymnastics centre, and one alongside the indoor soccer courts. Soap dispensers provided. Lockers are provided, just ask the staff how.  

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